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Mammoet Crane Replacements to Support Next-Generation Offshore Wind Turbine Installations

As the demand for renewable offshore wind energy grows, so does the need for more efficient and powerful wind turbines. With larger and heavier components, the installation and maintenance of these next-gen turbines pose unique challenges. In response, Mammoet, a global leader in heavy lifting and transport solutions, has undertaken a groundbreaking project to replace leg cranes on two offshore wind farm installation vessels.

The project, commissioned by GustoMSC for Cadeler, a Danish transport and installation company, aims to enhance the capabilities of the Wind Orca and Wind Osprey jack-up vessels. Mammoet’s involvement highlights not only its expertise in crane lifting but also its commitment to innovation and efficiency in maritime projects.

The centerpiece of Mammoet’s solution is its PTC210-DS crane, one of the largest in the world. Despite its colossal size, the crane offers versatility and maneuverability, essential for operating in confined spaces typical of offshore installations. This flexibility allows Mammoet to optimize project schedules and conduct parallel operations, significantly streamlining the management of complex tasks.

Remco Zandstra, Senior Commercial Manager at Mammoet, emphasized the importance of safety and efficiency in the project. By utilizing Mammoet’s own yard in Schiedam, the team could position the crane strategically between the two vessels, minimizing movements and maximizing productivity. This approach not only saves time but also ensures the safest possible working conditions for the crew.

The project’s challenges extend beyond the technical aspects. Mammoet’s Schiedam location, a hub for maritime activities in the region, had to accommodate the influx of components and personnel required for the crane replacements. Effective space management and coordination were crucial to prevent disruptions to ongoing operations.


Moreover, the installation process itself presented intricate challenges. Lifting the vessels to a height of 73 meters above the quay required meticulous planning to avoid collisions and ensure the safety of the crew. Mammoet’s engineers devised innovative solutions, including using an LR1800-1.0 crawler crane for enhanced stability during mainboom lifts.

As work on Wind Orca and Wind Osprey progresses, Mammoet’s partnership with Cadeler underscores the collaborative spirit driving the maritime industry forward. With completion expected later this year, the project signifies a milestone in the journey towards sustainable offshore energy production.

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