One World Shipbrokers GmbH has announced the opening of their new business, offering specialist shipbroking and consultancy to the Breakbulk, Heavy Lift, and Project Shipping community.

One World Shipbrokers GmbH formerly opened for business on 04 January 2021. Founded as an independent shipbroking partnership with experience in the Breakbulk, Heavy Lift, and Project shipping markets, Justin Archard and Simon Guthrie draw on more than 30 years of combined commercial and operational know-how to this specialised corner of the shipping world.

“We believe there is always a demand for value-based consultancy and objective advice in placing shipping contracts especially in the Break Bulk and Heavy Lift world where there are so much commercial and operational complexity and diversity. With our knowledge and experience, we can add value to any shipment large or small wherever in the world it may be. Justin Archard.

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