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Osbit’s Upending Hinge Revolutionizes US East Coast Wind Projects

Osbit, a prominent offshore wind technology supplier and a member company of the Venterra Group, has unveiled its groundbreaking monopile upending hinge, marking a significant milestone in the offshore wind industry. This innovative technology is set to play a pivotal role in the latest US East Coast wind projects, thanks to its deployment on the Boskalis-owned vessel, Bokalift 2.

A Game-Changer for Monopile Foundations

Boskalis, a global leader in maritime services, has chosen to integrate Osbit’s monopile upending hinge into their operations for a project focused on the installation of numerous monopile foundations. The hinge’s primary function is to facilitate the upending of offshore wind monopile foundations, transitioning them from a horizontal, stowed position to a secure vertical alignment. This transformation ensures the monopiles can withstand environmental forces as they rotate through the water column.

Remarkably versatile, the system can handle monopiles with varying diameters, offering Boskalis newfound flexibility for future wind farm projects. Notably, the hinge itself boasts an impressive weight of 1,500 tons when fully assembled.

A Crucial Component of Installation

Installed on Boskalis’ Bokalift 2 crane vessel, Osbit’s upending hinge has become an indispensable component of the monopile installation process. Working in perfect harmony with the vessel’s crane, the hinge ensures the foundations are manipulated safely and with precise control before being firmly embedded into the seabed.

Osbit has built a formidable reputation in the design and construction of offshore foundation installation equipment. Their portfolio includes upending hinges, monopile grippers, and monopile cleaning tools, all contributing to the advancement of offshore wind technology.

A Bright Future for US Offshore Wind

Ben Webster, Osbit’s Sales Director, expressed his enthusiasm for this collaboration with Boskalis, emphasizing the pivotal role this technology will play in facilitating installation activities in the rapidly growing US offshore wind market. Foundation installation is a core technology area for Osbit, and their commitment to meeting the evolving demands of larger foundations and turbines on global projects is evident.

As offshore wind projects continue to gain momentum, Osbit’s upending hinge stands as a testament to innovation in the maritime and renewable energy sectors. Its successful deployment on the US East Coast reinforces the industry’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the quest for sustainable energy solutions.

In the words of Ben Webster, “We believe this to be the longest upending hinge produced to date,” underscoring Osbit’s commitment to excellence in offshore wind technology.

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