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Plans to rebuild Antonov Mriya, the world’s largest plane

Parts of the bombed AN-225 are used for the successor – Photo: REUTERS

General Director of Antonov State Enterprise Yevgeny Gavrilov said that Ukraine has started construction of the second An-225 “Mriya” aircraft instead of the one that was destroyed by the russians during the hostilities in Gostomel.

“The work is being carried out in a secret place. The second An-225 will be provided with both new parts and parts of the damaged aircraft,” Gavrilov said.

​The Ukrainian aircraft manufacturer Antonov will spend at least €500 million to rebuild the world’s largest cargo plane. The company has announced that it has already collected most of the remaining aircraft parts to start rebuilding. According to Yevgeny Gavrilov, the second “Mriya” is already 30% complete.

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  1. The power of the people in the Ukraine are stronger than the people who started this war. I hope one day people will starting to enjoy your country again.

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