United Heavy Lift’s F900 Eco-Lifter MV UHL Falcon is in Rotterdam completing the loading operation of the second shipment for the Akita Noshiro Offshore Wind Farm in Japan.

The vessel is loading 11 transition pieces and 3 monopiles combined in one shipment. The full transport engineering, fabrication of the cradles and grillages has been completed by United Engineering Solutions GmbH.

The first shipment took place in December 2020 when MV UHL Fame completed the loading of 14 monopile foundations at SIF in Rotterdam.

In total, United Heavy Lift has been contracted to transport 20 monopiles and 22 transition pieces for the Akita Noshiro Offshore Wind Farm.

The final and third shipment will be performed by MV UHL Flash, also transporting 11 transition pieces and 3 monopiles on her voyage. Due to the high cargo intake and the low fuel consumption of the #F900 Eco-Lifters, the carbon footprint for transporting the foundations to Japan’s first large-scale Offshore Wind Farm has been lowered significantly.

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