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AntwerpXL 2023: Unveiling the Unmissable Breakbulk Conference Shaping the Industry’s Future

AntwerpXL, the world’s exclusive event dedicated to breakbulk, project cargo, and heavy lift, is rapidly transforming into a pivotal gathering for professionals within the industry. With its upcoming conference set to take place in Belgium this November, AntwerpXL is poised to delve into critical global themes through insightful talks led by industry luminaries.

Scheduled to return to Belgium’s embrace, the AntwerpXL conference is poised to encompass pressing worldwide concerns through compelling sessions hosted by esteemed experts. The conference, which spans from the 28th to the 30th of November, will spotlight a series of engaging topics on each day of the event.

Day One: Navigating Industry Challenges

The conference’s inaugural day will showcase a myriad of sessions, including:

  • Project Cargo – Managing the Offshore Renewable Boom: Neil Golding, Head of Market Intelligence at Energy Industries Council, and Thomas Mehl, Board Member at Claviate, are set to lead the conversation on effectively managing the burgeoning offshore renewable sector.
  • Ports – Becoming a One-Stop-Shop for Breakbulk: Experts will explore the evolving role of ports as comprehensive service providers for breakbulk cargo.
  • Sustainability – Decarbonising Heavy Lift: This session aims to shed light on the pursuit of sustainability within the heavy lift sector, emphasizing the importance of decarbonization efforts.
  • Current Market – Geopolitics’ Impact on the Supply Chain: Delving into the current state of the market, this session will discuss how geopolitical factors are influencing the global supply chain.

Day Two: Forging the Path Ahead

The second day’s sessions are equally captivating, encompassing:

  • Digitalisation & AI – The Impending Influence on Supply Chains: A spotlight on the impending impact of artificial intelligence and digitalization on supply chain dynamics.
  • Recruitment – Making Breakbulk an Attractive Career Choice: Experts will address strategies to entice new generations into pursuing careers within the breakbulk industry.
  • Sustainability – Collaborative Stakeholder Efforts for Supply Chain Sustainability: Focusing on the collaborative aspect, this session will emphasize the collective efforts of stakeholders in fostering a sustainable supply chain.

Diverse Perspectives on the Panels

The conference’s panels will feature a diverse array of thought leaders. Bret Smart, Co-founder and COO of Voyager Portal, will contribute his expertise on Digitalisation and AI. Mahesh Singh, previous AntwerpXL 40 Under 40 Winner and Managing Director at Trans Coral Shipping, will lend insights to the Recruitment panel. The Sustainability panel will feature the expertise of Inge Taillieu, BDM at DP World, and Jessica Slater, Solicitor at LA Marine.

AntwerpXL’s Vision for the Future

Margaret Dunn, Portfolio Director at AntwerpXL, aptly captured the conference’s essence, stating, “The AntwerpXL conference offers insight and new ideas, bringing everyone together to enhance our collective knowledge so we can tackle the challenges of the present and future. It will be utterly unmissable!” Against the backdrop of the ever-evolving landscape and challenges encapsulated by the term “permacrisis,” the conference aims to spark innovation and cooperation within the industry.

Embracing AntwerpXL 2023

AntwerpXL 2023 promises an enriching experience for industry professionals. Hosted at Antwerp Expo in Belgium from November 28th to 30th, this event seeks to foster connections, disseminate knowledge, and offer solutions to the breakbulk, roro, heavy lift, and project cargo sectors. As the world grapples with changing dynamics, AntwerpXL stands as a cornerstone event for those who shape the industry’s destiny.

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About AntwerpXL

AntwerpXL, renowned for its excellence in the breakbulk and heavy-lift domain, is set to convene on November 28-30, 2023, in Antwerp, Belgium. Nestled at the heart of the European breakbulk market, AntwerpXL serves as a platform that not only fosters valuable connections but also provides unforgettable experiences for attendees and exhibitors. The event’s year-round resources and knowledge feed into an industry-wide platform, enabling networking, idea-sharing, and solutions exploration.

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