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Blue Water Greenland Expands Amid Growth Prospects

Blue Water Greenland A/S, a prominent transport and supply company, is experiencing growth opportunities fueled by increasing demand in the community. With a bustling open-office landscape, the company’s employees are diligently engaged in various tasks ranging from shipping, freight forwarding, and stevedoring to relocation services. The transport and supply industry is thriving, evident from the bustling activity within Blue Water Greenland’s premises.

According to Lars S. Vajse, the company’s director, the surge in activities is not solely attributed to the new international airport but also to the overall growth in demand. “It’s booming, and in a supply chain business like ours, it doesn’t go unnoticed,” remarked Lars Vajse amidst the bustling atmosphere. He further elaborated on the company’s expectations concerning the new international airport, recent developments, and experiments with air freight, including the transportation of live snow crabs and fresh lumpfish roe.

Blue Water Shipping boasts extensive experience in exporting fresh fish and seafood from Iceland, the Faroe Islands, and Norway, with optimism about the potential surge in exports facilitated by the new airport. Lars Vajse emphasized the company’s specialized team dedicated to trading in fresh fish, highlighting their expertise in the domain.


The bottleneck in Kangerlussuaq presents challenges, but Lars Vajse anticipates a shift in the dynamics once the bottleneck is alleviated. He predicts a broader assortment of goods reaching Nuuk and other cities, streamlining transit times and reducing wastage. The expansion of international airports is expected to introduce competition in air freight, potentially leading to lower freight costs and, consequently, a more diverse range of products at competitive prices.

With the growing demand for air freight of fresh fish and seafood, Blue Water Greenland foresees a substantial increase in cargo volumes. Additionally, Lars Vajse emphasized the need for a larger corporate headquarters, considering the current facility’s constraints and the company’s expansion plans. The anticipation of a harbor expansion further adds to Blue Water Greenland’s growth prospects, promising an increase in maritime activities and operational capacities.


Amidst these developments, Lars Vajse reflects on the pivotal role Blue Water Greenland plays in the cruise industry, acting as a harbor agent for cruise ships. He anticipates an uptick in cruise ship turnarounds, underscoring the company’s significance in facilitating cruise tourism in the region. The upcoming airport is expected to necessitate additional personnel for baggage handling, servicing vessels at the harbor, and provisioning, indicating a potential surge in employment opportunities.

As Blue Water Greenland braces for the future, Lars Vajse remains optimistic about the company’s role in shaping the region’s logistics landscape and supporting its burgeoning tourism sector.

Source: Sermitsiaq

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