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Bolloré Logistics Teams Up with Qatar Airways Cargo to Enhance African Airfreight Services

Bolloré Logistics, a global leader in transport and international logistics, has joined forces with Qatar Airways Cargo to launch a new airfreight service to Africa. The celebration and official launch of the Qatar Airways Cargo African hub in Kigali on 3 May 2023 marked a significant milestone for both companies.

Through this strategic partnership, Bolloré Logistics gains access to an expanded range of services for its customers, thanks to Qatar Airways Cargo’s extensive intra-African transportation network. This collaboration ensures reliable service quality and more efficient routing options to Africa. In March 2023, Qatar Airways Cargo commenced operations from Doha to Kigali, operating a Boeing 777 cargo aircraft with a substantial freight capacity of up to 100 tonnes on each flight. The service operates twice a week, facilitating seamless cargo transportation between the two locations.

The alliance has only grown stronger since June, as Qatar Airways Cargo introduced a weekly service from Doha to Kigali via Istanbul. Additionally, they have launched several intra-Africa services, including routes connecting Kigali to Lagos (three times per week), Kano (once a week), and Johannesburg (two times per week), all operated by an Airbus A310.

Basile Ricard, the Director of Operations at Bolloré Logistics Greater China, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “Bolloré Logistics and Qatar Airways Cargo have been working together for several years. The opening of the Kigali Hub will open new opportunities for both companies’ cargo operations across Africa. It will enable us to meet the growing needs of our customers and, over time, promises to foster economic prosperity on the continent.”

The Kigali hub represents a significant milestone for Qatar Airways Cargo as well, as it marks their first cargo hub outside Qatar. This hub is poised to become a crucial center for the air cargo logistics industry in Africa, fostering economic growth and development on the continent.

Bolloré Logistics boasts a strong global presence with a network spanning 146 countries, including 83 partners, and a workforce of 15,000 professionals. Their teams and structures at major port and airport hubs ensure top-notch local services, market expertise, and seamless supply chain management worldwide.

With this dynamic partnership between Bolloré Logistics and Qatar Airways Cargo, the airfreight industry in Africa is set to experience a significant boost. The collaboration promises to create new opportunities for businesses, facilitate smoother cargo operations, and contribute to the economic prosperity of the African continent. As Bolloré Logistics and Qatar Airways Cargo continue to build on their successful relationship, the future looks promising for the airfreight and logistics sector in Africa.

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