Dear Editor,

I came into the maritime and bunker industry through LQM Petroleum Services. I was hired by a very strong female broker – who was also a partner in the business – and that’s why I’m so happy LQM is still continuing on the same path.

I thought it was amazing to see such a strong businesswoman doing the best for our clients and accounts. It wasn’t about being a woman or man. It was about working as hard as you can to get there.

I remember sitting on a board of directors with 15 men and it was scary because it’s hard to tell if they’re taking you seriously or not. Nearly two decades later, I’m going to the same board meetings and I’m so glad to see more women and female buyers.

There are still some regional differences. It’s a slower pace of change in South America, for example, but there has been improvements – especially on the supplier side.

LQM currently has a 50 per cent gender equality ratio and it’s something we’re really proud of. Bunkering is still generally very male dominated, but my experience is that having a diverse workplace is hugely beneficial for the businesses culture.

With the ongoing pandemic, the last few months have been challenging for everyone juggling work and home life.

But what it’s done is to showcase the wealth of skills from women within this industry. What we now want is to see even more female leaders making their mark in maritime.

Yours sincerely,

Sara Brady

LQM Team Manager

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