The General Authority for Survey and Geospatial Information (GEOSA) has entrusted Fugro with a critical contract aimed at bolstering navigational safety along Saudi Arabia’s eastern coastline. This endeavor seeks to not only enhance safety measures but also streamline the efficiency of shipping navigation.

Encompassing an expansive area exceeding 11,000 square kilometers, Fugro will employ its cutting-edge High-Speed Hydrography Solution. This innovative approach combines Airborne Lidar Bathymetry (ALB), alongside vessel-based acoustic methodologies and advanced processing techniques, to gather and scrutinize Geo-data, all in strict adherence to International Hydrographic Organisation (IHO) standards. These advanced technologies will be deployed by a team of seasoned international hydrographic experts, including individuals with prior experience on GEOSA projects.

In this ambitious venture, Fugro will collaborate closely with IIC Technologies, a renowned specialist in nautical chart creation. Together, they will develop the final project deliverables. Notably, Fugro and IIC Technologies have an impressive track record, having successfully executed similar hydrographic projects for GEOSA (formerly GASGI) since 2010.

Marco Filippone, the Solution Director Hydrography at Fugro, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “We’re honored to be at the forefront of elevating the safety and efficiency of shipping navigation along Saudi Arabia’s eastern coastline. Through the application of our state-of-the-art hydrographic technologies, we are dedicated to providing swift and dependable data that aligns with international standards. This project stands as a testament to our enduring partnership with GEOSA and our global reputation for delivering high-speed hydrographic surveys.”

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