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Galp Awards Fugro Contract for Environmental Survey Offshore Namibia

In a strategic move towards future energy operations, Galp, the renowned Portuguese energy corporation, has recently awarded Fugro a significant contract for conducting an environmental and geophysical survey offshore Namibia. The site, known for its remote location, challenging conditions, and ultra-deep waters, holds crucial importance for the region’s energy prospects.

Technology Meets Challenging Conditions

Fugro, a global leader in marine geophysical and environmental surveys, brings its advanced technology and unparalleled expertise to tackle the complexities of the Namibian offshore site. The successful completion of fieldwork earlier this month saw the Fugro Venturer, a specialized geophysical vessel, reaching depths of 2000 meters. The vessel meticulously collected sediment samples for in-depth environmental and chemical analysis.

Adding another layer of precision to the survey, an autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) was deployed to capture comprehensive seabed video footage. This multi-faceted approach not only ensures thorough data collection but also highlights Fugro’s commitment to employing state-of-the-art methodologies in maritime exploration.

A Comprehensive Environmental Picture

In addition to sediment samples and seabed footage, Fugro’s survey included the acquisition of in situ full ocean depth water profiles and water samples. This comprehensive dataset serves to measure the current biodiversity and contribute to the identification of potentially sensitive habitats. The meticulous approach adopted by Fugro aligns with the goal of informed project planning and resource management, crucial for responsible energy operations.

Navigating the Depths for Sustainable Development

Rob Hawkins, Fugro’s Commercial Director for Africa, emphasized the company’s dedication to sustainable offshore energy development. Hawkins stated, “Our expertise in deep-water surveying and identifying protected habitats supports sustainable and efficient offshore energy developments while minimizing negative impacts on the marine environment.” Fugro’s commitment extends beyond mere data collection; it is an essential step towards achieving environmental preservation goals in the dynamic realm of energy exploration.

Unveiling the Underwater Landscape for Safe Operations

Beyond environmental considerations, the geophysical survey conducted by Fugro aims to unravel the mysteries of the underwater landscape. The insights derived from this comprehensive exploration will play a pivotal role in ensuring the safe movement and operation of offshore assets within the designated area. This additional layer of information underscores Fugro’s dedication to providing holistic solutions that go beyond the immediate project requirements.

In conclusion, Galp’s decision to collaborate with Fugro for this intricate survey showcases a proactive approach towards responsible energy exploration. The use of cutting-edge technology, coupled with Fugro’s commitment to environmental preservation, positions this collaboration as a significant milestone in the future of offshore energy operations in the Namibian region.

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