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Jumbo Maritime Joins Esgian as Pilot Client for Multipurpose Vessel Platform

In a significant collaboration, Jumbo Maritime has partnered with Esgian, a Norway-based service performance and benchmarking analyst, to become the pilot client for their newly launched multipurpose vessel (MPP) platform. This move aims to leverage Esgian’s advanced technology to enhance operational efficiency, sustainability efforts, and commercial insights within the ro-ro and multipurpose shipping sectors.

Esgian, in partnership with Hesnes Shipping, initially developed a platform focusing on performance and emissions benchmarks for the ro-ro shipping sector. Building upon its success, they expanded to design a specialized tool for the multipurpose shipping industry earlier this year. By teaming up with Toepfer Transport, Esgian mapped over 1,400 ships across 60 shipping lines, providing valuable insights at both the company and vessel levels.

The Esgian MPP platform offers a comprehensive package of data, combining decarbonization and sustainability aspects with commercial insights. It analyzes trade routes, identifies port congestion, and suggests alternatives to optimize efficiency. The platform also evaluates port efficiency, commercial footprint, vessel activity, and average speeds, enabling operators to make informed decisions for improvement.

Jumbo Maritime expressed excitement about joining forces with Esgian and adopting their innovative platform. They believe that the insights provided by the platform into their commercial activities and performance levels will significantly support their strategic decision-making and understanding of market dynamics.

In addition to embracing Esgian’s MPP platform, Jumbo is also the first client to fully utilize Esgian’s offshore wind suite. This specialized tool offers in-depth insights into the complexities of the offshore wind industry, assisting clients in navigating challenges and making informed decisions.

Furthermore, Esgian plans to release an emission analytics tool for the multipurpose shipping segment in October 2023. This tool will facilitate benchmarking, analysis, and transparency across the MPP fleet, aligning with sustainability goals and regulations.

The collaboration between Jumbo Maritime and Esgian is a significant step towards enhancing operational efficiency, sustainability, and commercial insights within the maritime industry. By leveraging Esgian’s cutting-edge technology, Jumbo Maritime aims to drive positive change and improve performance within the shipping sector.

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