Port-IT, a maritime cybersecurity solution company, has announced a significant upgrade to its Vanir Endpoint Security system. This development introduces two groundbreaking features, Insight and News, which promise to fortify vessels against the ever-evolving realm of cyber threats.

Empowering maritime crew with real-time insights

Port-IT’s Vanir Endpoint Security’s Insight feature is poised to revolutionize maritime cybersecurity by equipping crew members with comprehensive insights into the dynamic cyber threat landscape within their network. In today’s world, where cyber threats grow increasingly sophisticated, maritime vessels face escalating risks to their operations and safety. With Insight, onboard crew gain immediate access to real-time data, revealing the number, nature, and severity of threats targeting their vessel’s network. This invaluable intelligence enables them to make informed decisions promptly, ensuring the security of the vessel. Moreover, it provides insight into potential actions taken by the Port-IT 24/7 Security Operations Center.

Global Incident awareness for seamless voyages

Recognizing the significance of keeping customers informed about cyber incidents that could jeopardize their vessels, Port-IT introduces the News feature within Vanir Endpoint Security. This feature delivers proactive, real-time notifications regarding global cyber incidents that could potentially impact maritime operations. Whether it’s an urgent software update, a cyber attack on a port causing potential delays, or emerging threats demanding attention, customers can stay informed even while at sea. This feature empowers maritime professionals to take preemptive measures, mitigating risks, optimizing routes, and maintaining operational efficiency.

Staying ahead in maritime cybersecurity

Youri Hart, CEO at Port-IT, emphasizes their commitment to pushing the boundaries of maritime cybersecurity. “We recognize that the maritime industry faces unique cybersecurity challenges, and our goal is to equip maritime professionals with the tools they need to navigate this complex landscape,” he stated. “With the addition of Insight and News features to Vanir Endpoint Security, we reaffirm our dedication to providing optimal protection and keeping vessels safely connected at sea.”

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