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CY Shipping and BigLift Shipping Order 2 New Heavy Transport Vessels

CY Shipping and BigLift Shipping, two prominent players in the maritime industry, have announced their expansion plans with the procurement of two new Heavy Transport Vessels (HTVs). This strategic move aims to bolster their fleet, enhancing their capacity to cater to the growing demands of the global cargo transportation market.

The partnership between CY Shipping and BigLift Shipping sees the addition of two state-of-the-art HTVs, bringing their combined fleet count to six vessels. Scheduled for delivery, the first vessel, belonging to CY Shipping, is slated to arrive in Q4 2025, while the second vessel, owned by BigLift Shipping, is expected in Q2 2026.

The contracts for the construction of these two HTVs have been inked with Jing Jiang Nanyang Shipbuilding Co., Ltd, based in China. These vessels, christened as the BC-Class, are the product of collaborative design efforts between CY Shipping and BigLift Shipping.

Key Features of the BC-Class:

  • Purpose-built Design: The BC-Class vessels are meticulously designed to facilitate the transportation of ultra-large and heavy modular cargoes across the globe. Emphasizing reliability, they offer optimal service speed, low accelerations, and streamlined loading and discharge processes.
  • Interchangeability: Sharing similarities in frame spacing, depth, ballast, and tidal compensation capacity, the BC-Class vessels are interchangeable with BigLift’s MC-Class vessels—BigLift Barentsz and BigLift Baffin. This feature expands the deck length and stern loading capability, enhancing operational versatility.
  • Impressive Specifications: With an overall length of 180 meters and a beam of 43 meters, the BC-Class boasts a fully unobstructed deck space spanning 6,020 square meters. They offer flexible loading and discharge options via ro-ro or skidding methods, either over the stern or side.
  • Technical Details: Featuring a depth of 12 meters, a maximum deadweight of 25,000 metric tons, and a ballast capacity of 12,000 m3/hr, the vessels are engineered for efficient performance.
  • However, it’s noteworthy that the BC-Class vessels are not semi-submersible.

James Jung, Director at CY Shipping, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “I’m very proud and excited to strengthen our partnership with BigLift Shipping further. As a modern company, we understand the importance of being ahead of the market requirements, making a difference, and adding value to customers’ requirements.”

Johan Boer, Commercial Director at BigLift Shipping, echoed similar sentiments, remarking, “It’s great to see how an initial idea turns into such a strong partnership. Both companies share many of the same values, and we are pleased to start this newbuilding program together with CY Shipping.”

This collaboration between BigLift Shipping and CY Shipping dates back to 2019 when they combined their Heavy Transport Shipping capabilities. The expansion with the new BC-Class vessels underscores their commitment to offering innovative and reliable transport solutions on a global scale.

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