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Deugro USA Wins Gold Safety Award for Third Consecutive Time

Deugro USA has received the Highwire Gold Safety Award for the third consecutive year. The Highwire Gold Safety Award is presented to companies rated with a safety score between 85% and 95% in
the Safety Assessment Program administered by Highwire.

A company’s historic safety performance and current safety management systems are reviewed by
Highwire’s Safety Assessment Program, whereby data for vendor or contractor size and type of work
performed are standardized. Highwire’s clients are enabled to identify, monitor and manage risk in a
more effective way by means of a thorough, objective and consistent evaluation of their company’s
performance. The results can serve as a strong indicator of how a vendor or contractor values safety,
and they are a reliable predictor of future performance.

With capital projects becoming larger, more complex and built faster than ever, enterprises must
mitigate risk and promote safety at every stage even more intensively. “Partner Elevation” is a recent
movement between construction firms and asset owners: Builders and owners are now collaborating
more closely with their contracting partners. In this way, builders and owners can meet any partner
throughout their risk-mitigation journey and support them in performing their work.

Originally started as an internal risk assessment system at Harvard University, Highwire is now an
independent company guiding the Partner Elevation movement. Some well-known organizations
such as Google, Skanska and Merck use Highwire to ensure their contracting partners deliver work—
on budget and on schedule—by collaborating with them to dynamically mitigate safety, financial,
quality and sustainability risks throughout every project life cycle.

“With nearly 100 years of history and always putting safety first, deugro is able to identify logisticsrelated risks and is committed to maintaining a strong and active culture of health and safety under the motto ‘Defining Logistics. Delivering Safety.’ Highwire ran its Safety Assessment Program for
deugro again this year and is happy to award the outstanding work once again.”

Garrett Burke ,Founder and President of Highwire.
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