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Rhenus and Seaway7 Extend Partnership for 10 Years, Prioritizing Sustainability and Innovation

Rhenus Port Logistics in Rotterdam and Seaway7 have announced a significant extension of their partnership with the signing of a new ten-year contract. This extension builds upon a decade of fruitful collaboration between the two entities, underscoring their shared dedication to sustainability and ongoing advancements within their operations.

Both Rhenus and Seaway7 are committed to enhancing the sustainability of their activities. This includes the implementation of various initiatives such as the adoption of electric cranes and forklifts, as well as the initiation of a pilot project for shore power. Notably, these efforts align with the broader vision of the Port of Rotterdam to introduce shore power throughout the port, aiming to provide an environmentally friendly and noise-reducing method for powering ships.

Piet van Baalen, Offshore Resources Director of Seaway7, expressed satisfaction with the proximity of the Rhenus terminal to the North Sea, emphasizing its unparalleled convenience and flexibility for their operations. He highlighted the importance of the long-standing relationship between Seaway7 and Rhenus, characterizing Rhenus as a partner that evolves alongside Seaway7, combining pragmatism with forward-thinking approaches.

In response, Peter van der Steen, Managing Director of Rhenus Port Logistics Netherlands, emphasized the significance of safety within their partnership. He noted that through their collaboration with Seaway7, Rhenus has gained valuable insights into maintaining the highest standards of safety within the industry, which is crucial for ensuring enduring business relationships. Van der Steen expressed optimism about the prospects for the next decade of partnership between Rhenus and Seaway7, highlighting their shared commitment to innovation and sustainability.

Both Rhenus and Seaway7 have expressed their satisfaction with the continuation of their partnership, indicating confidence in the mutual benefits it will bring over the coming years.

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