Hansa Meyer Plays Tetris with Breakbulk

The Hansa Meyer Global team delivered another load of project cargo successfully, safe and in timely manner. They directly discharged 33 out-of-gauge units in the port of New Orleans onto

Joint Venture: Hansa Meyer ROLI Projects LLC.

Two established project logistics players, Hansa Meyer and Rohde & Liesenfeld, have started a new JV company to serve the North American project logistics market and their related project owners,

Hansa Meyer Delivers Tonnes of Freight to USA


Hansa Meyer Global has delivered a shipment of 3,450 frt including 49 units cylinder, each measuring about 1200x220x220 cm and weighing 22 mt from Dalian, China to Charleston, USA. Crew and

Hansa Meyer Moves Blades in Vietnam


Hansa Meyer China's team in Shanghai together with their office in Vietnam recently handled several wind blades for two windfarms in Vietnam. While Hansa Meyer China was managing the transport from

Breakbulk – A Solution to Container Crisis


Container and space shortages and the crisis of the global transportation system is having a massive impact on the global supply chain. Recently, Hansa Meyer Global solved one transportation issue by