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Van Oord Secures Lucrative Contracts for Offshore Wind Ventures in Baltic Sea and Taiwan

Rotterdam, the Netherlands, 8 November 2023-Leading maritime contractor Van Oord has landed two significant offshore wind projects: Baltic Power in the Baltic Sea and Greater Changhua 2b and 4 in Taiwan. The contracts, valued at more than EUR 500 million, represent a pivotal step towards sustainable energy solutions for millions of households.

The Baltic Power offshore wind farm, a collaborative effort between ORLEN (Poland) and Northland Power (Canada), is set to grace the Polish Exclusive Economic Zone of the Baltic Sea, 23 kilometers offshore. Boasting 76 wind turbines with a combined capacity of 1.14 GW, the project is poised to supply renewable energy to over 1.5 million Polish households. Notably, this endeavor marks Poland’s inaugural foray into offshore wind energy, marking a significant milestone in the nation’s shift towards renewable resources.

Van Oord’s role encompasses the transportation and installation of 78 foundations, including 76 WTG foundations, each consisting of a monopile and a transition piece. Additionally, two foundations for offshore substations will be installed. The heavy-lift installation vessel Svanen will spearhead the monopile foundation installations, with the transition pieces being handled by a third-party DP installation vessel. Commencing in 2024, the foundation installation endeavor is slated for completion in the summer of 2025.

The Baltic Sea stands as a treasure trove of potential for offshore wind projects in Europe, owing to its shallow waters, robust winds, and favorable conditions. This attributes it as an ideal region for effective energy transition efforts. Van Oord’s specialized vessel, Svanen, is tailor-made to navigate the Baltic Sea’s challenging conditions, including intricate soil compositions. Its track record on projects such as Baltic 2, Arkona, Danish Kriegers Flak, and Baltic Eagle attests to its prowess in this demanding environment.

Taiwan, akin to the Baltic Sea, presents an opportune environment for harnessing offshore wind energy, thanks to its strategic geographical location and favorable weather patterns. Van Oord has recently embarked on the Greater Changhua 2b and 4 project, led by Ørsted, located 50 kilometers off Taiwan’s west coast. Boasting a combined capacity of 920 MW, these wind farms are poised to supply renewable energy to approximately 1 million Taiwanese households annually.

Van Oord’s responsibilities in this venture include the transport and installation of three export cables, totaling approximately 175 kilometers in length. The specialized cable-laying vessel Nexus will be deployed for this task, with the company’s trencher Dig-It ensuring the cables reach the required depth. Additionally, the LNG-powered hopper dredger Vox Apolonia will facilitate pre-excavation of cable joint pits, down to the necessary burial depth. Operations are set to commence in 2024, with completion anticipated in 2025


The Greater Changhua wind farms hold a familiar presence for Van Oord, having recently achieved success in the cable installation works at Greater Changhua 1 and 2a. Van Oord’s proficiency in transport, installation, and burial of inter-array and export cables is underpinned by dedicated professionals, specialized equipment, and a robust local supply chain and workforce, underscoring the company’s commitment to advancing Taiwan’s offshore wind capabilities.

Rotterdam-based Van Oord clinches contracts worth over EUR 500 million for offshore wind projects, poised to power 2.5 million households.

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