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Fugro Ventures Forward with New International Headquarters in Nootdorp

Fugro, global geotechnical and survey services, has just made an announcement of a new international head office in Nootdorp, the Netherlands. The construction contract has been awarded to De Vries en Verburg, ensuring the realization of a highly deveoped sustainable facility strategically positioned near The Hague and Rotterdam.

Sustainable Design for a Greener Tomorrow

Architected by Cepezed, the design of the new headquarters has earned a prestigious BREEAM Outstanding label, emphasize its commitment to the highest standards in sustainability. Aligned with Fugro’s net zero 2035 ambition, the office will accommodate approximately 550 employees, consolidating the majority of Fugro’s workforce in the Netherlands under one roof.

Innovative Rainwater Management

Noteworthy is Fugro’s innovative approach to rainwater management on the premises. The design incorporates deep soil infiltration, allowing for rainwater storage and subsequent reuse—a testament to the company’s dedication to resource efficiency.

Timely Commencement and Future Prospects

Construction is set to commence shortly, and the new office is slated for completion in the second half of 2025. Fugro’s intention is to lease the building, and considerations for financing and potential sale are currently under review.

Addressing Outdated Infrastructure

The decision to build a new headquarters comes as Fugro acknowledges the outdated status of its current headquarters in Leidschendam. Discussions with the Voorburg-Leidschendam city council are ongoing, exploring future plans for the existing plot and buildings.

This strategic move positions Fugro for a more sustainable and efficient future, fostering collaboration and innovation within its consolidated workforce.

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